Troms (help·info) or Romsa (Sami leid) is a coonty in North Norawa, borderin Finnmark tae the northeast an Nordland in the soothwast. To the sooth is Norrbotten Län in Swaden an further sootheast is a shorter border wi the region o Lapland in Finland. Tae the wast is the Norse Sea (Atlantic Ocean). The entire coonty, which wis established in 1866, is locatit north o the Airctic circle.

Troms fylke

Romssa fylka

Coat airms

Troms athin Norawa
Kintra Norawa
Coonty Troms
Region Nord-Norge
Coonty ID NO-19
Offeecial leid form Neutral
Demonym Tromsværing
Admeenistrative centre Tromsø

  Govrenor Svein Ludvigsen
  Coonty mayor Terje Olsen

(#4 in Norawa, 8.18% o Norawa’s land aurie)
  Total 25877 km2 (9,991 sq mi)
  Laund 24884 km2 (9,608 sq mi)

  Total 155,061
  Density 6/km2 (20/sq mi)
  Chynge (10 years)

2.0 %
  Rank in Norawa

15 (3.33% of country)
Time zone UTC+01 (CET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+02 (CEST)
Income (per caipita) 133,300 NOK
GDP (per caipita) 211,955 NOK (2001)
Naitional Rank: 15 (2.11% o kintra)

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Until 1919 the coonty wis umwhile kent as Tromsø amt. On 1 Julie 2006, the Northren Sami name for the coonty, Romsa, wis grantit offeecial status alang wi Troms.[1]

The coonty (an the ceety o Tromsø) is namit efter the island Tromsøya on which it is locatit (Auld NorseTrums). Several theories exist as tae the etymology o Troms. Ane theory haulds “Troms-” tae derive frae the auld (uncompundit) name o the island (Auld Norse: Trums). Several islands an rivers in Norawa hae the name Tromsa, an the names o these are probably derivit frae the wird straumr which means “(strang) stream”. (The oreeginal form must then hae been Strums, for the missin s see Indo-European s-mobile.) Anither theory haulds that Tromsøya wis oreeginally cried Lille Tromsøya (Little Tromsøya), acause o its proximity tae the hintle bigger island the day cried Kvaløya, that accordin tae this theory wis earlier cried “Store Tromsøya” due tae a characteristic muntain kent as Tromma (the Drum). The muntain’s name in Sámi, Rumbbučohkka, is identical in meanin, an it is said tae hae been a sacred muntain for the Sámi in pre-Christian times.

The Sámi name o the island, Romsa, is assumit tae be a loan frae Norse – but accordin tae the phonetical rules o the Sami leid the frontal t haes disappeared frae the name. Housomeivver, an alternative form – Tromsa – is in informal uise. There is a theory that haulds the Norse name o Tromsø derives frae the Sámi name, though this theory lacks an explanation for the meanin o Romsa. A common misunnerstaundin is that Tromsø’s Sámi name is Romssa wi a double “s”. This, housomeivver, is the accusative an genitive form o the noun uised when, for example, writin “Tromsø Municipality” (Romssa Suohkan).

The coat o airms o Troms wis made bi Hallvard Trætteberg (1898–1987), an adoptit bi ryal resolution on 15 Januar 1960. The offeecial blazon in Norse (“På rød bunn en gull griff”) translates tae “On a field Gules a griffin[segreant]Or.”[2] Trætteberg chose tae hae the griffin as chairge acause that animal wis the seembol o the mighty clan o Bjarne Erlingsson on Bjarkøy in the 13t century.[3]

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